Bell County Animal Clinic has a complete pharmacy available right here at our facility. We maintain our pharmacy so treatment can begin immediately if necessary, and we carry only the safest and most effective products available.

While online pharmacies offer convenience, you may not be aware that many online pet medication retailers sell products that do not have the guarantee of the drug manufacturer. The reason is most of these products are not purchased directly from the drug companies, and those companies cannot ensure that their products have been properly handled.

Bell County Animal Clinic purchases our products directly from the drug makers themselves, and therefore the safety and efficacy are guaranteed by the manufacturer.

While no human or veterinary drug can ever one-hundred percent harmless and effective in each case, the products carried by Bell County Animal Clinic are guaranteed by the manufacturer in the unlikely event of an issue with the product.

The prices on the products carried by Bell County Animal Clinic are competitive and often less expensive than what you will find online. We often feature free doses and volume discounts at higher purchase levels.

When your pet has a need for medication or flea, tick or heartworm preventatives, you can trust the products and prices at Bell County Animal Clinic.

Have questions about pet medications or want to make an appointment? Call us at 606-248-4243.