Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography

X-ray technology has been used successfully for many years in both human and veterinary medicine. X-rays–also known as radiographs–use radioactive waves to form images of the internal make-up of a subject. Since animals are not able to communicate where they may hurt, an X-ray is able to pinpoint the issue for our doctors. X-rays have been used to diagnose fractures and strains on the skeletal system, organ size and growth, heart size and even internal bleeding.

Many new X-ray innovations and technologies have recently been developed, and Bell County Animal Clinic has invested in digital radiography technology for the health of your beloved pet. Our new system eliminates film-developing time, meaning one of our caring doctors can examine an X-ray image of your pet in a matter of seconds.

Another key advantage to digital radiography is that images can be emailed to board-certified radiologists if needed. This means if your pet has a serious injury or a complicated issue requiring additional consultation, our doctors can review the images within minutes with veterinary radiologists, so treatment can begin for your pet immediately.

Digital x-ray technology also eliminates most retakes, usually needed when a pet moves on the table. Less exposure to X-ray technology also means your pet is minimally exposed to any radiation and this system also keeps our clinic “green” as there are no chemicals associated with digital X-rays.

Bell County Animal Clinic is pleased to offer the latest in technology, and our radiology unit is the most advanced system available in veterinary medicine. If your pet has a condition or injury requiring an x-ray, please call us at 606-248-4243 and schedule a visit as soon as possible.